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Psychology Careers in Elder Care and Research

psychology majors have much opportunity in the field of elder careElder care, sometimes called elderly care, refers to services older people often need as a result of age-related physical or mental impairment. If you have a psychology degree and want to work with the elderly or do research in this field, you will have much opportunity. Even with an undergraduate degree, there are many jobs available to you.

Scroll through the career options available at each education level or click here to see all careers in elder care and research careers. If you are interested in elder care, you may also want to check out careers in mental healthmedicine, and government supported/non-profit careers.


Undergraduate Degree (BA/BS) in Psychology. 

You CANNOT do therapy with just a Bachelor's degree. But you can get jobs working with elders. Browse through these examples individually, or click here to see all Bachelor level elder care careers.

Graduate Degree (MS,MSW,PhD,PsyD,MD) in Psychology.

With an advanced degree (MSW, MS, PhD, PsyD, MD) you can work with seniors in a variety of settings with different issues. You may help elders who have lost loved ones, who must adjust to retirement, or who are facing Alzheimer’s or other mental or physical problems due to advancing age. A geropsychologist with training in cognition and memory might train seniors to improve their memories. He or she might provide advice on how to take care of elderly relatives. Work settings might include private clinics, county mental health offices, senior centers, senior care facilities, research universities. Browse through these examples individually, or click here to see all Graduate level elder care careers.